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Netbeans 7.1 + Ruby, JRuby and Ruby on Rails installation issues

If you are experiencing problems to install Netbeans 7.1 with Ruby, JRuby and Ruby on Rails plugin, there’s a workaround from Tom Enebo.

The installation should be by zip file for now. Read the post above to get more details.

Scala in a Mavenized Netbeans project

I like Netbeans development environment, with it I can handle Java, C++, Ruby and now Scala. I found Scala NetBeans Plugin, in my research about how to bring netbeans working with Scala I came across some outdated documentation, in some of those the plugin working only with Scala 2.8.x + Netbeans 6.9, issues with OSX Lion and so on.
Another problem(no problem for you but for me) is the Scala NetBeans Plugin is based on Apache Ant build project, I prefer to use Apache Maven instead. I’ve got some karma by this liking. To save your time, I’ve written some steps to put Java, Scala, Maven and Netbeans working together.

Scala 2.9.1

To install Scala just download it, uncompress it to a directory, in this example, I’m going to use /Application/CustomApps so my SCALA_HOME is


Download Netbeans 7.1

Download Netbeans 7.1

Install it, probably, the installer will place it to /Applications/NetBeans/, let’s bind SCALA_HOME to be accessible in Netbeans. Edit Netbeans start up script


After commented lines export SCALA_HOME environment variable, this way

export SCALA_HOME=/Applications/CustomApps/

Ps. There was a way to bind environment variables by adding a .plist in ~/.MacOSX/environment.plist. it’s deprecated in OSX Lion then you can edit Netbeans start up script that will work for all OSX versions.

Scala NetBeans Plugin(nbscala)

Download Scala plugin for Netbeans 7.1 and Scala 2.9.x. Uncompress it anywhere, but don’t forget the path :)

Installing the plugin

Open Netbeans, menu Tools -> Plugins -> Downloaded, button Add Plugins, select *.nbm files of nbscala plugin. Say yes/agree/allow for every dialogs.

Maven vs Ant

The Netbeans Scala plugin uses ant as builder if you don’t care about using ant, this tutorial ends up here. If you want to Maven(yes! Maven!) go ahead in the next topic.

Maven based Scala project

Let’s create a new ‘mavenized’ project, File -> New Project -> Maven -> Java Application go there and place the project in where do you want to. There is the maven-scala-plugin we’re going to use it, it is not needed download anything, Maven takes care about that, do you need to add some lines to your pom.xml.

The Maven repository for Scala

      <name>Scala-tools Maven2 Repository</name>

The build entry


And scala-lang dependency


Before run the project, you may create scala source directory src/main/scala and also the test src/test/scala.

A peace of scala code

Under src/main/scala create a directory mytest it will be our package. Now theMain.scala object in src/main/scala/mytest/Main.scala with content:

package mytest

object Main {

  def main(args: Array[String]):Unit = {
    println("Hello this is my /tmp")
    for(file <- new File("/tmp").listFiles){

By default Netbeans continues point to, you may change the main class in right-click in Project -> Properties -> Run in the Main Class type mytest.Main.

F6 and be happy.